To Valhalla!!!!!

Viking ShipHave I always dreamed of owning my own authentic Viking ship, built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde?

Well I hadn’t really given it much thought before, purveyor of fine Scandinavian gifts CultureNordic, but now that you mention it…hell yeah I want a fricken hand-built Viking ship! What kind of fricken question is that!?

CultureNordic is taking orders for your very own custom Viking Ship. You can pick from the small chilling around the harbor model to the Viking raiding monster that fits an entire mini Viking army.

The boats’ reps say, Why not go for the full battle cruising Gokstad Ship measuring nearly 10 meters?! And I say, Ek veit! By the way, anybody willing to let me borrow $216,715.20? You can be in my viking crew. I’ll even let you be first mate.

Indeed, authentic Viking artifacts are incredible, but they are not cheap. All are priced on demand according to construction methods and buyers’ specific requests, but as general guidelines CultureNordic notes ballpark figures as follows:

Skuldelev 6. 12 meters (39+ feet) long, with 7 pairs of oars and a sail. $340,000 to $545,000.

The Large Gokstad. 10 meters (about 33 feet) long, with 6 pairs of oars and a sail. $153,000 to $217,000.

The Little Gokstad. 6-1/2 meters (21+ feet) long, with 2 pairs of oars and a sail. $45,000 to $72,000.

frederikssundjolle20081020104226wk0-665x443Actual prices will depend on the manner of production. If that too is to be authentic, with boats built completely manually as they were during the Viking Age, both the hours required and resultant prices will be exorbitant to the power of the number of people Egil Skallagrimsson slew whilst writing epic poetry.

So I’m going to need names for my boat. Let’s see how about The Awful Knave of the North? No. The Snow Fox! meh not enough decapitation. I’ll work on it.

…..I need a viking beardo.

*Que The Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin*