Guy builds X-Men Style flamethrowers!

x-men-flamethrowersSo what mutant powers would you want? We have this discussion every single time one of these movies come out and still to this day I can’t give a definitive answer. I want to lean towards Professor X but when ever I take those stupid tests online I’m always Magneto. Don’t get me wrong I like Magneto I just don’t respect any villain who once said “WELCOME TO DIE!!!”

Anyway, this guy takes his X-Men seriously. Instead of just having a conversation about which mutant power he would want he up and decides he’ll just make them…. all..

This is actually the third video in his series. He has one for Wolverine’s claws and another for magnetic boots inspired by Magneto. ┬áPersonally I can’t wait to see his video on Mystique. I hear he has a secret gene lab someplace in lower Georgia.