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Fog Chiller

So I purchased this fog machine last year after Halloween. One of my after holiday purchases that was a really […]

To Valhalla!!!!!

Have I always dreamed of owning my own authentic Viking ship, built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde? Well […]

Book bound in human skin

In holy crap news. Experts at Harvard said this week that they have confirmed that a 19th-century book housed in […]

Edible Blood

Blood. A Halloween staple. If you take Samhain seriously, there is bound to be a bit of the stuff laying […]

Blood Shots

Last year for the Halloween party we created Jello shots in actual syringes to make it look like drawn blood. […]

The Forrest Fenn Treasure

So I have recently become fascinated with the idea of the Treasure of Forrest Fenn. For those that don’t know […]

SCOUT Paramotor

Look at this fricken thing. The worlds most advanced paramotor made out of carbon fiber and mandrel bent aluminum. Imagine […]

Cold Brew Coffee

So working on my latest. It is a cold brew system. The process takes several hours and (no pun intended) […]

The Gibble

Gibbles are a very nervous and jumpy breed of monster. They kind of look like a mix of a dust […]