Indiana Jones Monkey Head Bowls

Monkey Brain BowlsLook at this fricken thing! It’s amazing! If it didn’t cost so much I’d have enough for a whole dinner party. Firebox is selling this Monkey Brains Bowl for $60. It’s inspired by that dinner scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Remember? Of course you remember that scene was more awesome than world peace! They’re served all kinds of nasty junk like baby snakes, eyeball soup, beetles, and then, finally, chilled monkey brains. Ah, dessert! Of course you remember — we laughed, we cried, we puked up the whole box of Thin Mints. Mem’ries!

Top off a gourmet meal of snakes, scorpions, and various other insects with a delightful dessert served in the monkey brains bowl. Just like Indy, your guests will be able to end their gastronomic adventure with a hearty helping of chilled monkey brains – yum!

Either way I’m starting to wonder if I can make this on my own. It would be a great dinner party idea. I can’t spoil all the fun of the upcoming party but hey we’ll see where this one leads. Of course this doesn’t come with the chilled monkey brains but I bet I can find that at world market or something