Honduras Ocotepeque Manuel Espana Review

HonduraswheelLast night I roasted a pound of coffee from Manuel Espana in Honduras.with dark, developed sugar flavors, and roasted nut. Acidity is tannic, like black tea, but remains complimentary and not overpowering.

Manuel Espana was born into a coffee cultivating family, and now himself has a four hectare farm near the village of Coloal in San Marcos, Honduras. The mountainous slopes offer great altitude for growing coffee, and Manuel’s farm is located at about 1350 meters. Just within the range of some of the best coffee growing altitudes. The region also has clay soil left from the volcano adding additional benefit.

His farm is planted mainly in Caturra, with some Pacas too, and the coffee is washed, traditionally fermented, and then sun dried on patios.

The dry grounds are backed with a nutty sweetness that is a little bit overpowering but that may have been the result of how quickly I made the coffee after roasting. I plan on having it again on Saturday after it has sat for a few days to see if the notes get a bit more muted.

The cup has a straight-forward sweetness of dark sugars. I’m hoping for a better balance once the coffee has sat a bit as the fruity and sweet taste are a bit strong. The acidity is not bad and balances out hints of walnuts. There are faint flavors of citrus and dried apricot as the coffee gets cooler.

Overall not bad. Not my favorite but I wouldn’t turn it down.