Goonies Treasure Map

GooniesHEY YOU GUUUUUYS!!! Check out this fricken sweep Goonies Treasure Map replica made by Scallywag Design over on Etsy.

He made a copy of the map that was hand inked. He drew it himself. Took a picture of it from overhead and then printed onto an archival canvas an an insane resolution using UV-resistant ink so your map doesn’t fad in the sun. How considerate!

The map sits at 11/5′ tall by 17.75′ wide. Printed on a canvas for that extra touch of realism. The map even folds to reveal a clue just like old One Eye Willy’s map.

I know what you’re thinking. But Matt, does it have the music notes on the back? To which I would reply HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?! Oh, it’s on the site. Never mind. Well smartypants let me tell you. Yes it in fact does have the music notes on the back. They are meant mainly as a wall-hanging decoration and look beautiful in frames.

Only problem I see is that at $50 dollars this map had better actually take me to old One Eye’d Willy’s treasure.