Intel wants you to have your own personal robot assassin

JimmyOkay so maybe it isn’t an assassin per say, but you will need to get 3d printer and an EMP gun (just in case). Intel has announced they will be providing an open-source robot for everybody (who has a bit of cash and a 3d printer) by the end of the year. The robot itself at the start will have some of the basic things you’d expect. It can walk, talk, even dance but doesn’t have all the cool stuff like laser eyes or a rocket pack.

The entire robot is open sourced. Which means that anybody with a little DIY knowledge will be able to make one. As long as they are willing to buy a small kit from No word on how much that kit will cost. It gives you all the inside workings, motors and processors. You still need a body. This will be available as a collection of 3d printable parts. So unless you know somebody who owns a 3d printer or you’ve already purchased one yourself the price tag just goes up a little more.

The really cool thing about the robot will be the idea of an app store. Think of this thing as a smart phone with legs and arms. Since it is open source programmers from across the world will be able to write different things for the robot to do. Some examples have been tweeting when an event happens like a doorbell. I could see hooking up a voice controlled chat bot in order to make it a bit more realistic. Could it pass the turning test? Probably not but you get the point.

Each robot will be completely different than the next. You’ll be able to customize it and program it as you see fit. You can go the geek route and buy apps to change it’s behavior or go for the full nerd and program them yourself.

At the moment it has limits. Mostly it can just walk, dance, talk as previously mentioned. It’s the open source that is the key. It will allow tinkers and DIY fans to modify and create by removing road blocks for people who want to do robotics but have little idea where to start. I’m also hoping that we can get some designers in there and make custom bodies for it as well. This thing is cute and all but can’t I get one that looks like phong from Reboot?

I think we all know where that leads. I for one welcome our new robot overlords. It won’t be long before Jimmy the robot gets access to a Google app and becomes self aware. I had a robot once. ROB the robot. We use to play video games but he was obsessed and just wanted to play Stack up and Gyromite. I’m pumped that I can have a DIY robot of my own. I figure we can get a few years of robot servants before they come for us in the night.