Cold Brew Coffee

So working on my latest. It is a cold brew system. The process takes several hours and (no pun intended) boils down to

1) Water is purified
2) Water is then boiled.
3) Water is frozen
4) Fresh roasted coffee from the Himalayas is added to the device. I’m planning on roasting it with a few sticks of vanilla or store the grounds overnight in an air tight container with the vanilla.
5) The ice is placed in the bowl at the top of the cold brewer
6) The valve is opened to 1 drop per second.
7) Over the course of several hours the coffee slowly brews at the base.

Then I play the waiting game. The end result is a cold brewed coffee that is highly concentrated. The flavor is really brought out of the bean and is best served over ice. It has very …very low acidity and goes down smooth without sugar or cream. However they don’t detract from the final result.

I call it. Black Yeti.