Magic Mushroom Lamp

Check out this fricken thing. DIYPerks shows you how to make a magic mushroom lamp. Perfect for any person who wants to have a lamp pulled straight out of a Tim Burton film. Here is what you’re going to need to make this amazing DIY lamp: Scissors Wire cutters Soldering iron and solder Cling-film (plastic […]

Barisieur Alarm Clock

Face it. The alarm clock is one of the mankind’s most evil creations. It ranks right up there with the iron maiden and Justin Bieber.  Every morning the alarm goes off, you smack it a few times like it owes you money before the damn thing shuts off. Then you drag your tired slightly reanimated […]

Deal with it.

Tired of people not knowing you’re a huge geek? Wish there was some way you could appear like you really don’t care what other people think while at the same time conveying how online socially aware you are because you actually do care what other people think? Well have I got the sunglasses for you! […]

Cloud Lamp

Only happy when it rains? Or does it only rain when your happy? Yep not even three sentences in the post and we have a MIB II reference. Quoted incorrectly as well so you’re welcome for that. Still Richard Clarkson is offering this really cool cloud lamp called, get this… Cloud. I know right rather […]

Wizard Fire

Do you remember that show on Nickelodeon called “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” When ever they would tell a story that kid would toss that powder into the fire and it would flair up and you would crap your pants. That kid won’t have anything on you with this twelve pack of Mystical Fire. […]

Enter the Abyss

Everybody has heard of Duffy London of course. You haven’t heard of them? Oh…. well actually I haven’t either. I just didn’t want you to think I was some kind of uncultured  heathen that spends all his time collecting bottle caps in preparation of the upcoming apocalypse when bottle caps become currency…..cause I don’t. I don’t […]

Rock The Dragon!!!

Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon Draaaagon Baaaalll Z! Let’s face it. Dragonballs are difficult to find. They are scattered all over their respective planet, and are deactivated for a year after every wish, disguising themselves as stones. All around a pain in the dragon balls. Good news everyone! You no longer need Bulma’s Dragon Radar. […]