Guatemala Acatenango Gesha

The Fuego-Acatenango massif in Guatemala comprises a string of five or more volcanic vents along a north-south trend that is perpendicular to that of the Central American Volcanic Arc in Guatemala. Ancient Acatenango is one of the volcanoes that calls this region home. This massive volcano complex towers more than 3,500 meters above the Pacific coastal […]

Barisieur Alarm Clock

Face it. The alarm clock is one of the mankind’s most evil creations. It ranks right up there with the iron maiden and Justin Bieber.  Every morning the alarm goes off, you smack it a few times like it owes you money before the damn thing shuts off. Then you drag your tired slightly reanimated […]

Honduras Ocotepeque Manuel Espana Review

Last night I roasted a pound of coffee from Manuel Espana in Honduras.with dark, developed sugar flavors, and roasted nut. Acidity is tannic, like black tea, but remains complimentary and not overpowering. Manuel Espana was born into a coffee cultivating family, and now himself has a four hectare farm near the village of Coloal in […]

Pearl Mountain Peaberry Review

I recently purchased and roasted some Pearl Mountain Peaberry green coffee beans. These beans come from a wet-process that is suppose to produce a very mild coffees when done right. But much of this coffee is grown at relatively low altitudes and poorly processed and prepared. Geography plays a large part in the taste of coffee. The […]

Cold Brew Coffee

So working on my latest. It is a cold brew system. The process takes several hours and (no pun intended) boils down to 1) Water is purified 2) Water is then boiled. 3) Water is frozen 4) Fresh roasted coffee from the Himalayas is added to the device. I’m planning on roasting it with a […]