Guatemala Acatenango Gesha

AcatenangowheelThe Fuego-Acatenango massif in Guatemala comprises a string of five or more volcanic vents along a north-south trend that is perpendicular to that of the Central American Volcanic Arc in Guatemala. Ancient Acatenango is one of the volcanoes that calls this region home.

This massive volcano complex towers more than 3,500 meters above the Pacific coastal plain to the south and 2,000 meters above the Guatemalan Highlands to the north. It also produces some of the best coffee I’ve had to date.

With fruited and floral characters wonderful floral scents, tropical fruit, just the right level of sweetness I found this coffee to rank among my favorites.

The coffee has a perfect balance to it. It’s sweet, complex, and fresh.

The dry fragrance is exceptionally floral, with strong notes of honeysuckle and jasmine flowers, thus living up to the expectations. It’s a potent ground coffee with lots of herb/floral tea complexity, as well as smells of sweet citrus spritz and stone fruits. This heightened floral smell is backed by a solid wildflower honey sweetness, rose water, and chamomile tea leaf. Like most coffees, when hot the full complexity of this coffee’s cup profile is a bit difficult to sense. But as soon as the temp begins to dip, you’re greeted with the same level of intensity in floral notes and sweetness as the aromatic profile. - Sweet Maria’s

I roasted my beans to a City+ roast. It has tastes of jasmine, tea, and honey. I even had hints of orange citrus flavors. I found the acidity a little high but not overly, right on that fine line. It was described as having tropical fruit flavors, punchy top notes, and various herbal and black tea flavors. When I used a pour over method for brewing it did not disappoint. The coffee has a juicy body, and finishes beautifully with notes of tea and even a perfect hint of chocolate.

Overall an amazing cup of coffee. I found that when I try and describe the notes and levels a good cup of coffee should have I’m describing this roast. It has just the right levels of everything. It’s sweet but not to sweet. It has a floral and at times fruity collection of notes without going so overboard I feel like I’m just drinking some kind of cooking extract.

Five out of five. Easy.