Edible Blood

Blood. A Halloween staple. If you take Samhain seriously, there is bound to be a bit of the stuff laying around the house. Most of the ghouls you encounter love the stuff.  Look at the Halloween heavyweight – Vampires. They treat this stuff like wine. Some prefer an aged vintage with a bit of a […]

Blood Shots

Last year for the Halloween party we created Jello shots in actual syringes to make it look like drawn blood. This year I’m looking for a bit less mess and more of a classic feel over the new “Saw” style. Enter the new Blood Shots. They look great and are super easy to produce. Ingredients […]

SCOUT Paramotor

Look at this fricken thing. The worlds most advanced paramotor made out of carbon fiber and mandrel bent aluminum. Imagine just flying to work. Bypass all the traffic and drop your McDonalds bag you got from breakfast on some jerk in a convertable. The SCOUT Paramotor features dynamic torque compensation spars to cancel out engine […]

Cold Brew Coffee

So working on my latest. It is a cold brew system. The process takes several hours and (no pun intended) boils down to 1) Water is purified 2) Water is then boiled. 3) Water is frozen 4) Fresh roasted coffee from the Himalayas is added to the device. I’m planning on roasting it with a […]

The Gibble

Gibbles are a very nervous and jumpy breed of monster. They kind of look like a mix of a dust bunny and if Gizmo did meth. Any slight noise or sudden movement sends them into a fit of screams, which is why their face always looks like that.  This Gibble is about 8 1/2 inches […]

Super Mario Bros Flag

Keep up with Joneses by transforming your home into a classic Mario level with the Super Mario Bros flag. The flag bears the iconic shape and design of the iconic 8-bit flags at the end of each level and makes an ideal gift for any gamer. Now all I need to do is buy and install […]