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North to Alaska!

Originally inhabited by Alutiiq natives for over 7000 years, the city was settled in the 18th century by Russia. As […]

Magic Mushroom Lamp

Check out this fricken thing. DIYPerks shows you how to make a magic mushroom lamp. Perfect for any person who […]

Indiana Jones Monkey Head Bowls

Look at this fricken thing! It’s amazing! If it didn’t cost so much I’d have enough for a whole dinner […]

Chichen Itza

Ann and I had the privilege to meet one of the largest group of modern Maya. They commonly identify themselves […]

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha

The Fuego-Acatenango massif in Guatemala comprises a string of five or more volcanic vents along a north-south trend that is […]

Barisieur Alarm Clock

Face it. The alarm clock is one of the mankind’s most evil creations. It ranks right up there with the […]

Man made leaf.

Good news everyone! We have a Robo-Leaf!! Julian Melchiorri has created the very first man made leaf. This leaf functions exactly like […]

Pearl Mountain Peaberry Review

I recently purchased and roasted some Pearl Mountain Peaberry green coffee beans. These beans come from a wet-process that is suppose […]